Wicked BDSM D/s Club Series by Ann Mayburn

At a secret location outside of Washinton DC there is a private club where the rich and powerful go to indulge in their most wicked fetishes and desires. Established in 1903, Wicked has hosted everyone from presidents to gangsters, from innocent small town girls to famous Hollywood starlets indulging in the painful pleasures of the dungeons. And now the doors are open to you, my beloved reader.


Welcome to Wicked, where the Masters are worthy of the

gift of your submission.








Book 1


  Lucia Roa needs a miracle to keep her fledgeling event planning business from going under. When she gets word about the opportunity of a lifetime to do a Valentine's Day party for an elite club in Washington D.C. she jumps at the chance, only finding out that the party isn't for just any club, it is for the premier private BDSM club, Wicked. Desperate for a chance to make the social and professional connections that this job would offer, she agrees to a most unconventional business arrangement with the handsomest man she's ever met.

  CEO Isaac O'Keefe swore off relationships years ago after having his heart broken and his bank account emptied by his gold digging first wife. He thought he'd managed to keep his heart under lock and key, but when Lucia walks into his office he is instantly drawn to the fiery beauty in a way he's never felt before. He convinces Lucia to take the position as event planner for Wicked's Valentine's Day Party, but in order to make the event a success, something he needs to happen to secure his place on the board at Wicked, he must give her a crash course at all the dark pleasures BDSM has to offer. What starts out as a business partnership quickly turns into something more as Lucia breaks down every wall around his heart without even trying. Isaac must then make a choice, push Lucia away and continue to live a safe, but lonely life, or open himself up again to the greatest pain and pleasure in the world.




Book 2

M/F with some M/F/F/M


  Young nanny Anya Kozlov takes a job at the elite BDSM club, Wicked, in order to pay for her upcoming trip to Paris for her costume designing internship. Donning a mask to disguse herself and a scandelous outfit, and assuming the fake name of Dove, Anya is at once fascinated and terrified about her new job. On her first night she is shocked by the pure decadence of the club, but her greatest surprise comes when she finds out that the man she is a nanny for and has an enormous crush on, Jesse Venture, is also a member of Wicked. When Jesse expresses his interest in teaching her about the dark pleasures of Dominance and submission Anya is helpless to resist, even though she is lying to him about who she is.

  Jesse can't seem to get the new hostess, Dove, out of his mind. It's been five years since his wife passed and for the first time he feels something beyond physical lust or friendship for a woman. Entranced by the sweet and submissive woman, he is angry and hurt when he finds out that Dove is really Anya, his meek and mousy nanny. With only a few weeks left before Anya leaves for Paris, Jesse is determined to get her to not only tell the truth, but also to put his mark on her soul so deep that no man could ever take his place.

  Just like the mark she has already put on his.



Book 3

M/F with some M/(F+/F/F)


After a motorcycle accident left her with a fractured pelvis, former dare devil and actress Kira Harmony cannot have sex without pain. Unwilling to give up on her dreams of someday having a normal love life, she has come to Club Wicked to find a Dom. And not just any Dom. Kira is looking for the best sadist she can find, a Master who can help her learn how to turn her pain into pleasure and help her escape the prison her body has become.

Lord Bryan Sutherland has always had a taste for meeting the needs of masochistic submissives. When Kira contacts him, her plea for his help intrigues him. He's always loved curvy redheads, and they certainly have an explosive chemistry together, but he doesn't know if it is possible to establish the kind of trust needed in order to train her mind to convert agony into ecstasy. That trust is sorely tested when Kira continually pushes herself too far and refuses to safeword out.

Bryan must make a decision; continue to train Kira and run the risk of seriously hurting her, or walk away from the uncontrollable woman who holds the key to his heart.

Warning: This Contemporary BDSM Romance includes spanking, whipping, nipple torture, impact play, was play, anal play and a variety of deliciously sadistic actions but no humiliation or blood
, between two consensual adults.





Book 4

Short Story

M/M and M/F/M


Rory and Liam are two students at the University of Leicester in England, best mates, and dream of one day starting an oil and gas company together. A drunken sexual encounter between the men threatens to tear their friendship and their future apart. But when Rory brings home his submissive, Susie, the men just may have found a way to repair the rift, but only if Liam can overcome his conservative upbringing and trust his natural instinct to Dominate.


Book 5

Novel Length

M/F, M/F/M, M/M, M/M/F

Rhiannon Mirga, known as Goddess at Club Wicked, has a reputation for being a beautiful and unapproachable ice princess. But beneath her hard exterior beats the tender heart of a submissive who yearns for a Master’s love despite a nightmare past that makes it hard for her to trust anyone. For Rhiannon there are only two men that can help her overcome her fear, the club’s incredibly sexy trainers, Master Rory and Master Liam.

Unfortunately, after a long history Rory and Liam are on the verge of parting ways, driven apart by Liam's refusal to accept Rory's love as anything more than friendship. Despite their own issues, the men find they cannot refuse her plea for help and together they embark on a training session like no other where the Masters are the ones who learn the true meaning of love and surrender.