I believe everyone deserves their own happily ever after regardless of race, creed, color, or gender preference. I also realize that what may float one persons boat may sink anothers, so I've included the sexual orientation of each book. For example, M/F means male and female couples. M/M/F means that there is sexual interaction between all three people, including sexual interaction between the men. When you see M/F+F that means only the women are interacting together, but the man is present and just watching and/or only interacting with his girlfriend/wife/submissive.


Casey's Warriors

Bondmates, #1

Heat Level: Erotic M/F, M/M, M/F/M, M/M/F, M/F+M+M+M

Sci-Fi Erotic Romance


Lorn Adar has searched more than a lifetime to find his bondmate—the only woman he was born to love and the only woman who can save him from the approaching madness that threatens all unbounded males of his race. When he and his people find a way to Earth and the women who could hold their future, Lorn will do all in his power to not only find his mate, but show her a Universe she never knew existed.



The Chosen, #3


Paranormal Erotic Romance with BDSM Elements


Arrogant, powerful and dangerous, Devon King is one of the world’s greatest warriors. Yet even he is helpless against the evil that is stalking the children of Washington DC. When the gods assign him to protect Shan Harrison, he can’t believe that the beautiful and spirited Goth girl is the key to defeating the nightmares that haunt the city. Shan has the potential to become one of the strongest dreamers in history, if she can survive long enough to come into her full powers. Devon is used to getting what he wants and he wants Shan. Her submissive nature, hidden beneath her tough exterior, calls to the dominant side of his nature like a siren’s song......


The Chosen, #2


Paranormal Erotic Romance

Eliana Shay is an ordinary college girl with an extraordinary birthright. When handsome professor, Aiden Klemenson, sees her, he singles her out as a potential Chosen of the benevolent gods of Creation. He tries to convince Eliana that she is born to do the work of the gods—something unique and powerful. But Eliana’s past doesn’t allow her to have the trust she needs—in Aiden’s gods and the man himself.
Aiden must employ all of his considerable charm to break through her defenses, while trying to keep their relationship strictly platonic. A difficult task when the lush and curvy Eliana’s obvious desire and seductive aura shreds his self-control. Despite his best efforts, desire burns between them with an enchantment all its own.....


The Chosen, #1


Paranormal Erotic Romance


Locked in a demonic curse, Carmella Ramirez has lost the will to love. Once she was the star of the Ramirez Samba School and lived a charmed life. Now, thanks to an old enemy’s thirst for revenge, she's the school's reclusive seamstress and living in the dangerous ghetto of Rio de Janeiro. But that's the least of her problems. When the sun sets, a succubus overtakes Carmella’s body and uses her beauty to lure men to their death. As the corpses pile up, those controlling Carmella plan to sacrifice her to their demonic god and blame her for the killings.....

Princess of Lust                          

For the Love of Evil, Book 2

Heat Level: Erotic F/F, M/F, M/M/F

Paranormal Erotic Romance

   The drums of war are beating in both Heaven and Hell and only the love of a half-demon Princess, Natalia, can stop the  oncoming slaughter. Unfortunately, Princess Natalia has her hands full trying to keep her human concubine from killing her demon  lovers, in addition to learning how to survive the deadly pleasures and politics of the Court of Lust.

    With the abuse of opium increasing in the mortal world, High Prince Belal, ruler of the Deadly Sin Sloth, is gaining power by the  day and threatens to soon rule all of Hell. In a desperate attempt to curb Belal’s powers...-cont-

Daughter of the Abyss

For the Love of Evil, Book 1

Paranormal Romance  

 Heat Level: Erotic M/F, M/M/F, F/F

Belal, High Prince of Hell and Keeper of the Deadly Sin Sloth, is expanding his power in the world of the 1800s by trafficking opium. He revels in the results, and as sloth  begins to overtake the mortal realm, all of Hell suffers. The balance of power in Hell, as well as the fate of the Universe, will be decided by a half-demon peasant girl.

 Natalia Shura, the daughter of Asmodeus, High Prince of Hell and Keeper of the Deadly Sin Lust, is unaware of the nature of her birth. When her demonic side begins to  awaken, her world becomes dominated by dark passions and deadly craving, and Natalia believes she is losing her mind. But Natalia's love has been foretold as the only thing  that can stop Belal and his allies, and they will do anything to prevent her ascension....-cont-


Amber Moon

Prides of the Moon series, Book 1

A 1 Night Stand Short Story

 Erotic Paranormal Romance

Heat Level: Erotic F/F, M/F, M/F/F


Sabrina Wayne yearns for the perfect mates to fill the void in her heart. As a werepuma Beta, she is driven to find the strongest Alpha to submit too, or in her case, Alphas. Sabrina craves the delicious softness of a woman as well as the rugged strength of a man. She has almost given up finding the right couple when she takes a leap of faith and allows Madame Evangeline of the 1Night Stand matchmaking service to set her on what Madame Eve promises will be an evening she'll never forget....-cont-


Emerald Moon                                    

Prides of the Moon series, Book 2

A 1 Night Stand Short Story

 Heat Level: Erotic M/M

 Erotic Paranormal Romance

 Ben Harkil had long ago given up on love, refusing to believe that he was worthy of it. When he is given the gift of a 1 Night Stand blind date he goes into it expecting nothing more than a night of savage pleasure. Instead he finds the missing piece of his heart...-cont-

Turquoise Moon

 A Prides of the Moon Tale- Book 3

A 1 Night Stand Short Story

 Heat Level: Erotic M/M/F

 Erotic Paranormal Romance

Werepuma and sheltered virgin Kara Vinsenz has no idea how to entice men, furry or otherwise. She contacts Madam Eve of the 1 Night Stand matchmaking service in a desperate attempt to avoid a terrible arranged marriage to a psychopathic shifter. In a daring move that goes against her confined upbringing, she poses as her twin sister to escape her family compound in the hopes of meeting an Alpha and Beta male strong enough to be her mates. She waits to meet them until she goes into heat and is totally unprepared for the consequences of her actions....-cont-

Onyx Moon

Prides of the Moon, Book 4

A 1 Night Stand Short Story

Short Story Length

Heat Level: Erotic M/M

Marcus Galin has searched the world for a very special kind of werepuma, a Beta who has also been blessed by the Goddess as a shaman. His prayers are finally answered when Madame Eve of the 1 Night Stand matchmaking service arranges for him to meet a man in the Blue Mountains of Jamaica that fits his requirements. Only problem is that Marcus is terrified of magic and doesn't know if he can overcome his fear enough to open his heart to a stranger that his pride and his heart desperately need....-cont-

Amethyst Moon

Prides of the Moon series, Book 5

A 1 Night Stand Short Story

Heat Level: Erotic M/M/M

Erotic Paranormal Romance

Noah Braxton's world has been turned inside out and upside down ever since the fateful moment six months ago when he was turned into a shifter by a dying college girl.  She made him promise to look after her sister, Giselle, and in an effort to sooth the dying girl he promised her that he would, not realizing the sacrifices he would have to make to keep that promise. Bound by his oath, Noah struggles to fulfill his role of beta to Giselle, an Alpha female, but he can't be everything she needs. He's gay and in order to bond properly with his Alpha female they would have to have sex...-cont-

Opal Moon

A Prides of the Moon Tale- Book 6

A 1 Night Stand Short Story

Heat Level: Erotic F/F, M/F/F

Erotic Paranormal Romance

  Burdened by heartache, werepuma Alpha Giselle seeks the complete release only offered by a night of sexual abandonment in the arms of a couple selected by the 1 Night Stand matchmaking service. Unable to fully bond with her gay male beta, Noah, she has been starved for affection and hopes that the mysterious couple can keep up with her sensual demands.

  Inara and her husband of over a thousand years, Theron, are traveling through the human world, seeking out those that are in need of Inara’s special fay gift....-cont-

The Breaker's Concubine:

Heat Level: Erotic M/F, M/M/F

Novel Length

Erotic Sci-Fi Romance with BDSM/Forced Seduction elements

 Prince Devnar of Jensia is goaded into raiding the wrong space ship, springing a trap that captures him for use as a Royal pleasure slave, a Concubine, on Kyrimia. He vows  to do everything he can to escape and keep from forming a psychic bond with his captors that would render him absolutely and totally in love. This proves difficult to do when  the female Breaker assigned to turn him into a Concubine, Melania, is the epitome of his perfect woman...-cont-

Turning Leaf

Heat Level: Erotic M/F, M/F/F

Novel Length

Paranormal Erotic Romance

As a little girl, all Leaf Hatathli dreamed of was growing up and having a family of her own, but fate had something else in mind for her. Instead, she’s spent her life as a mercenary working for the Goddess, acting as her hand of justice in a world torn apart by the reappearance of magic. It’s a lonely business, and Leaf had given up on the idea of ever being someone’s beloved. After all, who could love a woman who’s possessed by a sex demon?...-cont-
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